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Well, if you are going to spend about a third of your life in that (bed)room, you may as well do it in style, surrounded by beautifully designed furniture! Whether you are looking at them on-line, reading about them in the Neptune Interiors brochure or just dreaming about them, the Chichester and Larsson bedroom ranges are wonderfully designed, artistic additions to your beautiful Bedroom.

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The updated Chichester bedroom range is now hand-painted as standard in Neptune “Old Chalk” paint, which affords a softer look.


The Neptune Larsson bedroom range has been given an elegant makeover recently, with a new subtle distressed effect created by hand painting Neptune salt paint over Grey Oak. The award winning collection is inspired by Carl Larsson, a famous Swedish interior designer and artist during the Arts and Crafts movement.


Both Larsson and Chichester beds are available with low and high footboards.

Dressing Tables

A soft close drawer as standard. Elegant tapered legs on both the Larsson and Chichester designs.

Bedside Tables

A constant requirement in any bedroom. Somewhere to place the alarm clock, stand your beautiful Neptune bedside lamp, place that first and last hot drink of the day!

Chest of Drawers

Mortise and tenon joints give all Neptune cabinet frames their strength.


“Jack of all Trades, Master of All!” – The Neptune wardrobes really do offer a multitude of features and options – Store; hang; hide in a drawer.

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