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For details of the Neptune Cook range please contact us direct for further details.

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For details of the Neptune Kitchen ranges please contact us for further details.

Bar Stools

For details of the Neptune Bar stools please contact us for further details.


The Chichester Potboard boasts drawers incorporating runners that, although invisible, allow the drawer to extend fully out of the cabinet for complete access to stored items (30kgs per drawer possible).

Creative Chopping Blocks

For the Neptune Chichester and Suffolk Chopping Blocks the chopping area itself is made from maple on its end grain. Maple has been chosen as it is widely seen as the premium chopping block timber.

Freestanding Kitchen Islands

The Chichester Kitchen Island was one of the first pieces of furniture to be designed by Neptune.

Well Stocked Wine Racks

With stand-alone wine racks available in all three standard Neptune designs there is also the added bonus to consider that the Suffolk and Henley wine racks can equally be used as a dresser base for their relevant ranges if required.

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